PALM-FRONDS Application

To further the understanding and adoption of active learning, the National Science Foundation has granted five years of funding to the Promoting Active Learning and Mentoring (PALM) network ( A portion of the PALM funding was originally intended for travel to visit a Fellow's mentor and for conferences that are not currently being held in person. As an alternative way to promote active learning, PALM is temporarily offering Fertilizing Research Opportunities for New DBER Scholars (FRONDS) mini-grants. Each stipend ($1K, $1.5 K, or $2K) will provide support for an undergraduate student to do educational research directed by a current or past PALM Fellow or PALM Mentor. PALM has allocated $20,000 to be used in this way.

Students will receive a stipend of $15 per hour, paid through ASCB, based on a record of hours worked that has been verified by the PALMer supervising the research. These grants may be taxable, so ASCB will send the student on each successful mini-grant a W-9 form to fill out when requesting payment. Questions about PALM-FRONDS applications should be directed to Sue Wick (
  • Name and email address of applicant (current or former PALM Fellow or PALM Mentor)
  • Title and description of proposed DBER project (doable by one undergraduate student in one term), including its connection to your current or past PALM project. Suggested length: 150-300 words.
  • Please provide the name, U.S. mailing address, and email address of the undergraduate student you have in mind for this project. Briefly explain the student's suitability for the project described above, and how you recruited this student. Please note if the student is a first-generation college student or from an under-represented ethnic or racial group.
  • During which academic term (quarter/semester and year) will the student work on this project?
  • Briefly justify your requested amount by providing the number of hours of work (at $15/hr) you expect the student will devote to various tasks within the project.