2022 Application Deadline: January 30, 2022

Funding for the PALM Network is coming to an end in 2022. To give Fellow-mentor pairs enough time to complete their project, the January deadline will be the last time we can accept applications.
PALM is compatible with COVID-19 travel restrictions.  While direct, in-person mentoring is ideal, PALM Fellows and mentors can also complete PALM requirements through virtual interactions.

What Is the PALM Network?

The Promoting Active Learning and Mentoring (PALM) Network was established to increase the use of active learning in undergraduate lecture courses. PALM guides instructors to put into practice effective methods of active learning under the sustained mentorship of other instructors with experience in evidence-based active learning. Each Fellow works individually with a mentor chosen to help the Fellow reach specific goals and objectives, but there are also shared resources, conference calls, and Network gatherings with workshops in which Fellows and mentors can learn from each other. This network of Fellows and their mentors are recruited and supported in their professional development by a network of life science professional societies. Fellows and mentors also disseminate information about their mentorship experiences and products through their professional society meetings, websites, and social media.

PALM Fellows and mentors who have an education research project related to their PALM project can also apply to the PALM-FRONDS program (see tab to right) for funds for an undergraduate research assistant.

Who Can Be a PALM Fellow?

PALM Fellows can be postdocs aiming for a career that involves undergraduate teaching or they may be faculty at almost any stage of their academic career. They can be from any kind of post-secondary institution.  PALM particularly welcomes participation from instructors at two-year institutions and minority-serving institutions. You do not have to be a member of ASCB to apply.

Why Active Learning?

Mentoring Matters