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September 2019
Ballen et al., Smaller Classes Promote Equitable Student Participation in STEM
See the links below for discussions among PALM participants regarding the Ballen et al. paper. The discussions focused on the authors’ examination of how various pedagogical interventions could improve equity in participation rates among men and women in the classroom.
9/9 3pm:–amIe2wIumekTziMw?startTime=1568056509000
9/11 2pm:

Kimberly D. Tanner, Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement and Cultivate Classroom Equity – This is the first paper considered by the first-year PALM Fellows and mentors, who are looking at foundational papers on the general topic of active learning.

October 2019
Miller and Tanner, A Portal into Biology Education: An Annotated List of Commonly Encountered Terms 
CBE Life Sci Educ June 1, 2015 14:fe2, DOI:10.1187/cbe.15-03-0065
This is the second paper in our series of key PALM resources for first-year PALMers; it examines the terminology behind the main concepts of effective active learning put into practice. The recording captures participants’ impressions and reactions to the paper.

November 2019
Jon R. Stolzfus and Julie Libarkin: Does the Room Matter? Active Learning in Traditional and Enhanced Lecture Spaces
11/11 3:00 PM

January 2020
Chapter by Dee U. Silverthorn in Active Learning in College Science: The Case of Evidence-Based Practice (Joel J. Mintzes, Emily M. Walter, eds.) entitled “When active learning fails…and what to do about it.”

February 2020
The subject material for this month’s sessions was aligning assessment efforts with actual learning goals in a course. The discussions were loosely based around Dr. Greg Crowther’s (a PALM member) draft manuscript, “Testing in the age of active learning: Test Question Templates help to align activities and assessments”

March 2020
Brame CJ (2016). Effective Educational Videos: Principles and Guidelines for Maximizing Student Learning from Video Content. CBE-LSE 15:es6, 1-6.  (The focus of both discussions was what people have done to preserve active learning in the rapid shift to online environments due to Covid-19).