Examples of PALM Projects

Why Become a PALM Fellow?

PALM Fellows Will:

  • Gain mentorship from leaders in undergraduate biology teaching and learning
  • Learn best practices in teaching and in assessing active learning
  • Create an original teaching module that engages students in active learning
  • Join a community of scientists dedicated to active teaching and learning, and share ideas and support
  • Participate in Fellow-mentor journal clubs, meetings, and networking opportunities
  • Obtain invaluable career development for faculty careers
  • Be part of a network of scientific societies dedicated to supporting scientists in teaching and learning careers


Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellow Eligibility

  • PALM Fellows and mentors must belong to either a disciplinary-based professional society, a professional society that promotes the advancement of a group underrepresented in STEM (such as SACNAS) or an education-focused professional society like SABER or NABT.
    • However, if you are a community college instructor you may apply without joining a professional society, although many societies have discounted rates for instructors at community colleges.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an abiding/sustainable interest in undergraduate biology education.
  • Applicants must establish a mentor relationship before formally applying.
    • Assistance with mentor matching is available
      • The PALM PI can make recommendations based on course topic, educational setting, and specific teaching interests
    • Mentors must be skilled in active learning strategies and evidence-based teaching that align with Vision and Change See http://www.visionandchange.org.
    • Mentors must belong to (or join) one of the PALM Network organizations.
  • Applicants without immediate access to their own teaching setting (i.e., postdocs or advanced graduate students) may be considered.
  • Postdoctoral or advanced graduate student applicants must include a letter from their research PI in support of the application.


PALM will fund up to $2,000 for Fellows to visit, observe, and work with a mentor. If feasible, mentors are also encouraged to visit the Fellow’s institution.

  • Funds will be in the form of reimbursements for submitted receipts for pre-approved expenses, which include site visit travel and teaching materials.
    • Funds may not be used for indirect or overhead costs, salaries or wages, classroom technology or lab equipment or supplies, or alcoholic beverages.
    • Reimbursement (as opposed to lump-sum payment) relieves the recipient of any tax implications.
  • Reimbursable receipts must be submitted within 9 months of receiving the award notification.

Fellows and mentors will each receive up to $1,000 (reimbursed travel receipts) to present their work and its outcomes at a meeting of a professional society or a national group focused on teaching and learning.

Reimbursable receipts must be submitted within 30 days of travel.

Timeline of PALM Fellowship

Useful Forms